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Hear it right from our families!

Testimonials: Classes

Our son, first born, has always been at home and we were concerned with his transition out of the home.  The staff & teachers at BCP are so caring and seem to emulate the “home” environment so much that Matthew just can’t wait for school days!  Thank you so much for making this such a wonderful enjoyable experience for all of us!

                - Parent of a 3 year old

The staff at Beulah genuinely care about the children in their charge.  From the student work on display in every hallway to the greetings and conversation directed to the children from all staff members,   Beulah starts to feel like visiting your second home--- only cleaner, more organized and better staffed!

                - Parent of a 4 year old

Even with a son who needs some special, minor considerations, I’ve always felt welcome.  The teachers never treated my son as a burden and they genuinely cared and showed concern for him.  Beulah is a very special place! 

                - Mom of a 4 year old

Year after year BCPCC continues to be one of the best around- with age appropriate curriculum w/particular attention to the emotional, social and spiritual needs of my children!  The BCPCC staff always seems to not only inspire the children who are in the program but the parents as well!  

                 - Parent of 3 BCPCC alumni

"From the grammy end of it---Beulah is a wonderful, faith-based school with compassionate, creative teachers and personnel. I ALWAYS feel welcome there and I know my grandchildren have all had a wonderful foundation for their future schooling. Thank you BCPS! :)"

                  – Grandparent of a 4 year old

My son has enjoyed his preschool experience so much; from the art projects to show & tell; field trips to gym time, he has gained invaluable experience to help prepare him for kindergarten next year.  I am so happy to have a preschool that my younger child will attend as well.  

                  – Parent of a 4  year old           


My son has developmental delays, and although he’s too high-functioning for a special school, he does have special needs.  The teachers at Beulah went to training of their own accord to find out how to best help him.  They have always treated him as precious and focused on his strengths and potential- not on his failures.  While my friends (whose kids went to other preschools) have received resistance and judgment about their kids’ special diets, sensory needs and potty training issues, the teachers at Beulah have never been anything but supportive and helpful.  I cannot say enough good things about Beulah.  I would never send my son anywhere else! 

                 - Parent of a 4 year old

As new parents, one of the most terrifying concepts is sending your child into the care of someone else.  For our family, that fear lasted one day.  The infant staff is just amazing.  Knowing the "trauma" that each family inevitably faces, they are constantly checking-in, comforting and encouraging.  To say that the infant care team becomes an extension of the family is not at all a stretch.

It made me laugh in our initial pre-care meeting when the teachers asked us for instruction on caring for our baby.  These women had their own kids and 20+ years' of child care experience and they were respectful enough to take and implement our preferences.

We have watched our daughter be stimulated in so many ways- mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually.  Even on the infant level, there was a strong curriculum in which every child participated.  It was a surprise that she had begun painting at 12 weeks!

Now that she is a thriving toddler and moving on to the young toddler class, she is transitioning without issue.  It is clear that while she does not want to go back to the infant room, she has been well prepared by the infant staff.

Thank you many times over for the great care that you have given to our daughter!

                 - Parents of a new young toddler

My son was in the Toddler Program and has grown in so many ways in terms of maturity and socialization with peers.  I feel this program has prepared him for preschool next year!

                - Toddler Mom

Oh, the "mommy and me" class is the best! I still have fond memories of that, even after, dare I say, 16 years! 

               - Former BCPCC parent

Beulah’s giant play areas tire out even the most active toddlers!  Their experienced staff have done an excellent job with all 3 of my children.

Beulah is like a second family to us.  The Child Care teachers are loving and caring and treat our daughter like their own.  It’s such a nurturing environment.  We are truly blessed to be a part of the Beulah Family!

                - Parents of a 3 year old

I have been blessed to send both of my boys to Beulah. My youngest is in his last year in the Pre-K program. I feel confident in sending him off to Kindergarten next year!

                - Mother of a 4 year old

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